Getting Started

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This “training blog” is under development in order to provide personnel (including individuals in all 10 of the DHS response disciplines) with information about social media and how it can be used before, during and after a crisis. The content will be tailored specifically to the Western Massachusetts region and answer the overarching question: How can emergency response personnel and their stakeholders (including CERT members) utilize social networks to connect with their communities, keep the public informed, and gain a much better understanding of  the unfolding crisis situation?

New content will be added weekly for use by WRHSAC constituents. 

If participants make full use of this site, they should…

  • Gain an understanding of the benefits and challenges associated with employing social media technologies in preparedness and crisis communications.
  • Understand how social media tools relate to the fire service, law enforcement, and public health missions (examples from local agencies, as well as from around the country, will be provided);
  • Understand what content should be included on social platforms in order to get the public to “like and /or follow” your organization when there is not a crisis;
  • Be aware of some of the best methods for informing the public during a crisis;
  • Understand how social networking tools, including video and image sharing sites, can be employed;
    • Participants will learn to use not just Twitter and FaceBook, but other platforms such as blogs, to disseminate as well as gather information.
  • Understand the resources required to support a social media campaign and have an effective presence;
    • Gain an understanding of how agencies and non-governmental organizations have employed the aid of volunteers to help with social media tasks.
  • Understand the “lay of the land.” Who else in Massachusetts is using social media to connect to communities? (This information will be displayed in text form as well as in a Google map format in order to provide visual geo-location information.)

If you have not done so already, please go to the registration tab, in order to tell us a little more about yourself.


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