The following modules were created as pre-training study aids for the WRHSAC Social Media and Emergency Management Training held in September of 2012. These modules provide items from very basic such as “what is a tweet” to more advanced including blogging and video distribution. Some of the modules have brief tests at the end. We hope these modules help to familiarize you with various social media tools and there use in emergency management.


Module 1: Top 5 Reasons to Use Social Media for Emergency Management

Module 2: What are Social Media Anyway?

Module 3: Social Media Policy: Citizen Conduct and Comments

Module 4: Social Media Policy: Personal Use, Public Job

Module 5: Strategy Development
Developing an overarching strategy for all social media platforms

Module 6: Facebook–Setting Up Your Personal Profile

Module 7: Getting Started–Facebook Pages

Module 8: Facebook Content Strategy Development

Module 9: Facebook Page Features and Tips

Module 10: Facebook Comments, A Case Study 

Module 11: Twitter Basics

Module 12: Third Party Twitter Clients: Tweetdeck and Hootsuite

Module 13: Using Twitter to Connect to Other Professionals

Module 14: Google Products for Archiving and Collaboration

Module 15: Social Media Lessons from Hurricane Isaac

Module 16: Video Content Distribution Basics

Module 17: Twitter’s SMS text 40404 Capability 

Module 18: The “Lay-of-the-Land”

Module 19: Blogging for Public Health and Safety Organizations

Module 20: Who can help your organization with social media?

Module 21: Text Message Alerts and Warnings

Case Study: Response Message Coordination


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